With the proven success of the e-BioGrid project, life science e-infrastructure support and development is continued within SURFsara with a coordinating team and life science specific support.

Within the e-BioGrid project (2010-2012) e-infrastructure for life sciences was developed by main and dedicated subprojects: Frequently used algorithms or software can now be run on high-performance computing facilities, and multidisciplinary collaborations have been set up. The tools that have been developed so far are listed below. See also our show cases.

The results of each of the main e-BioGrid projects can be found at the technology area project pages: biobanking, mass spectrometry, micro array technology, nanoscopy and imaging, next generation sequencing (WUR), next generation sequencing (VLPB), medical imaging. Results of other ad-hoc support projects are found at the project pages.


Within the e-BioGrid project several tools have been developed and available below:

ArrayDesigner a tool to design tiled multistrain micro-array probes
Genbank Blast A Cloud Image with a Genbank release 182 is available and can be used with BLAST (you'll need to have access to the HPC Cloud)
Life Science Grid Portal The Life Science Grid Portal provides an easy interface to run several selected jobs on the grid. It enables users to start an application through a HTTPS REST interface. With minimal knowledge of the grid, researchers and scientific programmers can start these applications on the grid, even with just a browser. The portal contains several applications, such as BlastP, BlastN, BWA and Maq, and other applications can be added on request. Besides this, it is also possible to upload and share databases.
NBIC Galaxy on Cloud In collaboration with NBIC, the e-BioGrid team developed NBIC Galaxy on Cloud. It allows bioinformaticians and biologists to run their Galaxy tools and workflows, e.g. genomics and proteomics data analysis, on the SARA High Performance Computing (HPC) cloud. The application scales dynamically with increasing workload. Having access to the HPC Cloud enables processing of big data volumes, and high speed network connection provides rapid data transfers.

A number of e-science tools have been submitted at the EGI repository.

Publications and presentations

This list includes publications and presentations using the infrastructure of Big Grid / e-BioGrid in the field of life sciences.

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