2013-01-07The e-BioGrid project ended december 2012. With the proven succes of e-BioGrid, life science e-infrastructure support and development will be continued within SURFsara. As from January 2013, applications for support and access to the national e-infrastructure should be submitted to SURFsara instead of BiG Grid. Read more here.
2012-11-15In collaboration with NBIC, the e-BioGrid team developed NBIC Galaxy on Cloud. It allows bioinformaticians and biologists to run their Galaxy tools and workflows, e.g. genomics and proteomics data analysis, on the SARA High Performance Computing (HPC) cloud. The application scales dynamically with increasing workload. Having access to the HPC Cloud enables processing of big data volumes, and high speed network connection provides rapid data transfers.
2012-07-19Vacancy for IT professionals with multiple talents: web, workflows and communication. The Bioinformatics Laboratory of the Academic Medical Center of the University of Amsterdam (AMC) is hiring 2 FTE to strengthen the e-bioscience group in the development and dissemination of grid workflows and for extending and maintaining the web portal to the Dutch grid infrastructure. See more details here
2012-01-16Scheikundestudenten van de Universiteit Utrecht gebruiken de HPC Cloud-infrastructuur van SARA en BiG Grid om mutaties van hiv te simuleren. Dit is de eerste keer dat bachelorstudenten gebruik kunnen maken van deze Cloud-omgeving, waarbij een virtuele computer toegang geeft tot enorme rekenkracht en grootschalige dataopslag. De studenten hebben tot eind januari de mogelijkheid om op een realistische manier te experimenteren met de omvangrijke berekeningen van eiwitonderzoek. Read more ..
2011-12-07The proposal 'Next generation networking for next generation sequencing' by Jan Bot, e-BioGrid e-core member, wins the Enlighten Your Research contest, organised by SURFnet, SARA, BiG Grid and NWO to 'Take your e-Infrastructure to the next level'. The proposal aims to connect the institutes involved in next-generation sequence data analysis by developing five national and two international dynamic ligthpaths including to Hong Kong where sequencing data are produced. Also extra storage is required to enable the transport of big datasets. According to the jury report: 'Sound approach, impressive network both nationally and internationally', 'Genuinely next generation, with a major impact on both science and industry'. Read more ..
2011-11-10The first e-BioGrid workshop was a success. The kick-off, November 10th, gave a good overview of the e-BioGrid ongoing projects, and reviewed the requirements and framework solutions for e-science infrastructure in life sciences, with fruitful discussions. Read the report here.
2011-09-16Ir. Jan Bot joined the e-BioGrid e-core team as e-science e-architect.
2011-05-09Recently the Sequencing and Genotyping Platform of CRS4, an interdisciplinary research center in Italy, released Seal, a toolkit that provides tools for BWA (Burrows-Wheeler Aligner) based short-read alignments, duplicate read removals and sorting read mappings. It uses Apache Hadoop for efficient large-scale processing. BiG Grid works on a Hadoop service and planning to support Seal. Read more ..

Hadoop Hadoop service Big Grid is currently running a prototype Hadoop service for next-generation sequencing. Hadoop is innovative software framework technology that support data-intensive distributed applications. It enables applications to work with thousands of nodes and petabytes of data. It was inspired on Google technology.

2011-03-01Dr. Erwin Bakker joined the e-BioGrid e-core team as e-science e-architect.
2011-02-01Dr. Irene Nooren joined the e-BioGrid e-core team as project manager

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