The e-BioGrid project (2010-2012) was funded by BiG Grid through NWO, and led by partners NBIC, Nikhef and NCF to establish an e-infrastructure for life science research in the Netherlands. This website gives an overview of the project and its results. With the proven success of e-BioGrid, as of 2013 life science e-infrastructure support and development continued within SURFsara: see SURFsara's life sciences support.

Life sciences today need to get acquainted with data-intensive omics experimentation, allowing innovative and exciting life-science research. The ever-increasing complexity in terms of countless and heterogeneous subjects introduced a need for infrastructure: data handling, high-performance computation, data management and storage, standardization, statistics, design for experimentation, visualization, and multidisciplinary collaboration. This is especially true for technology application areas such as next-generation sequencing, microarray technology, mass spectroscopy, nanoscopy and biobanking. Development of an advanced computing e-infrastructure enables more effective research in these areas.

The e-BioGrid project also established a portal for Life Sciences to the infrastructure of the Big Grid project and set up and provided functional computing infrastructure for life-science research using a pragmatic approach. Questions and needs that arose from research projects in life-science application areas were addressed.

For example, data management is often a bottleneck for downstream analysis and the generation of insight info the data. Scientist may be struggling with inadequate tools for data management and analysis. Let us know your needs, so that the appropriate tool pipeline can be developed within the e-BioGrid program to answer research questions faster and more efficiently.

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